NewsLink Spring 2017 - Page 4

First Year of South Carolina Pay for Success Project Enrolls Record Number

Last year Nurse-Family Partnership launched the nation’s first Pay for Success project to improve maternal and child health. In just one year, over 1,000 new moms have been enrolled in Nurse-Family Partnership as part of this project. Today Nurse-Family Partnership serves over 1,350 families in poverty in South Carolina – the largest number of moms ever served in the state.

This Pay for Success initiative has been a successful public-private partnership to measure the investment to achieve outcomes for both moms and their babies. This $30 million investment from both philanthropic funding and Medicaid supports Nurse-Family Partnership to reach 3,200 families in four years and achieve long-term and lasting results. The goals of the initiative are to reduce preterm births, reduce child injury and improve healthy spacing between births. Taxpayers do not pay back the philanthropic funders unless Nurse-Family Partnership achieves these measurable outcomes.

“It’s been an exciting first year!” said Chris Bishop, South Carolina executive director at the Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office. “We’ve been able to take this proven program and leverage innovative funding with Pay for Success to bring this program to a record number of moms – moms that we would not have had the ability to serve without Pay for Success.”

This expansion also brought funding to hire an additional 19 nurses to better serve moms in hard to reach communities.

Moms also have the flexibility to connect with their personal nurse over the phone, using new technology called telehealth, instead of the traditional in-person visit.

This visit by phone can include video platforms like FaceTime or Skype. This gives the nurses better options to reach moms, especially in rural areas and with moms

who have gone back to work or school.

Over the next three years, Nurse-Family Partnership is poised to reach thousands

of more moms in South Carolina and help these new parents give their babies a healthier start and be the best moms

they can be.

Pay for Success is

a new model for funding programs that work. Investorsin this case, philanthropic supporters pay

up front for programs proven

to drive change.