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For first-time moms the question of how do I connect better with my baby floats like a dark cloud over their heads. As a RN and nurse supervisor with Nurse-Family Partnership, I always take this opportunity to remind our mothers that connecting with our babies goes beyond nurturing. Connecting with the baby helps develop the baby’s brain.

Three months ago while visiting one of my new moms, I learned that she had been reading to her baby in utero and even during the first week after the baby was born. It became clear that more teaching and support could edify the mom in valuing her efforts and connection with her baby, and that I needed to go more in depth on the brain and development in future visits.

As I observed, listened and assessed the mom’s understanding and beliefs about her baby’s development, it highlighted the important of introducing her to the Vroom. We discussed the type of information and tips she receive using the Daily Vroom app. Initially, the mom looked at

the tools and thought they were too advanced.

Fast forward three months, I was able to assess increased maternal confidence in her interactions with the baby. She was observed talking to her baby throughout diaper changing and a breastfeeding session. When I asked her how she knew talking to her baby was important, the mother responded that through Vroom she learned more about what her baby was capable of absorbing and what she therefore was capable of developing in her child.

At the beginning she used Vroom activities as one of the goals, but now sees the responses in the baby and sees how important talking and reading can be for them. She acknowledged

how instrumental the Daily Vroom app has been during this early stage of the development of

her baby’s brain. She ended this home visit with a big smile and saying “I like using the Daily Vroom app.”

Daily Vroom App

Turn fun, everyday moments

into brain building moments.


Photo: Nurse-Family Partnership mom Monica, Child and Family Services, Easterseals Blake Foundation, Tucsan, AZ.

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By Amy Rivera, RN, Nurse Supervisor, Nurse-Family Partnership Program,

Child and Family Services, Easterseals Blake Foundation, Tucsan, AZ.