NewsLink Fall 2017 - Page 9

Nurse-Family Partnership is pleased to announce an $180,000 grant from the Joey Logano Foundation to further our mission to serve more vulnerable families as part of the foundation’s third annual Chasing Second Chances program, which provides a second chance for youth in crisis. On October 1 at the Dover International Speedway in Delaware, the foundation announced the generous grant to Nurse-Family Partnership and their intention to continue partnering with us to respond to the needs of communities across the country. Nurse-Family Partnership deeply appreciates the foundation’s commitment to working together to serve more families in need in North Carolina and nationwide.

chasing second chances

With Nurse-Family Partnership, we’re hoping that through a solid first opportunity, we’ll have mothers and children who won’t need a second chance. In the future, these individuals will be able to provide second chances for those in need. - Joey Logano