NewsLink Fall 2017 - Page 3

“Nurse-Family Partnership is a great program that gives you support outside of your family. Nurses keep you motivated, help you set goals and achieve them and give you help when you need it,” Tinnekia says. "This is the best program anyone can join.”

Janelle admires how much Tinnekia has accomplished for her family, having saved money to buy a car and live on her own. “She has blossomed and this carries over to her child,” says Janelle. “NFP has helped her with her confidence level. She now believes, 'I can do it!' — she will accomplish her goals one step at a time.”

TINNEKIA's journey



Janelle helped me the very most by telling

me to never give up,

set goals, and then

get to where I need to be. Whenever I accomplished something she would

give me amazing feedback, reminding me that

I can do anything.