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BITEC - 19 22 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 2019 JUNE VIBRATORY MACHINE / CENTRIFUGAL DISC MACHINE SFC 19110033 W-101-P PRESSURE FEED • Vibratory machine for surface finishing process. Using variety of medias and chemical compounds • Vibratory Machine for Jewelry • Surface finishing process • De-burring • De-flashing • Spray gun • Coating • Painting • Refinishing KEPLER INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. NATAPOB CO., LTD. SFC 19110035 ANTI CORROSION & FUNCTIONAL TOP COAT Brand : Anest Iwata Model : W-400 SFC 19110034 SFC 19110036 Brand : GEOMET PLUS® Model : GEOMET PLUS®, PLUS JL, PLUS XL, PLUS KL, PLUS VL, PLUS L, PLUS M • Center post gravity feed air-spray gun whit high transfer efficiency control and superior atomization. • Spray gun • Coating • Painting • Refinishing • Non Chromium water based top coat • Enhance Corrosion Protection of GEOMET® • Provide targeted Coefficient of Friction value NATAPOB CO., LTD. ANTI CORROSION ZINC ALUMINUM COATING THAILAND Brand : Anest Iwata Model : W-101 Brand : Kepler W-400-G GRAVITY BANGKOK NOF METAL COATINGS ASIA PACIFIC CO., LTD. SFC 19110037 SFC 19110038 INSULATION PAINT Brand : Okitsumo Brand : GEOMET® Model : GEOMET® 720, GEOMET® 321, GEOMET® 500, GEOMET® 360 • Non Chromium Water Based Coating • High Corrosion Protection SST over 1000 hours • Low Film Thickness less than 10μm • Global Supply • Energy saving & environment- conscious product line • Heat Insulation Paint for Rooftops • Heat Insulation Paint for Glass coating • Heat Insulation Paint for Equipment coating NOF METAL COATINGS ASIA PACIFIC CO., LTD. OKITSUMO INTERNATIONAL (ASIA) CO., LTD. THE INNOVATION PAINT SFC 19110039 SFC 19110040 DRY COAT Brand : Okitsumo Model : Coating metal and rubber Brand : ARMOR Model : Rust Prevention • The innovation paint (lubricant low friction and low abrasion, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, heat insulation, environment-friendly and other) • Heat resistance paint for automotive industrial, home appliance and other, good performance paint and high temperature • Water-based liquid applied vid dip, spray or flow coat • Provide a clear protective coating • Dry-to-touch within 30 minutes • Will not attract dirt or dust on metal parts such as other sticky or tacky products • Provides a thin protective film ½ micron thick to prevent rust OKITSUMO INTERNATIONAL (ASIA) CO., LTD. WEALTHY SHINE CO., LTD. 9 Newsletter#1