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BITEC - 19 22 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 2019 JUNE SAND BLASTING MACHINE SFC 19110001 SHOT BLASTING MACHINE Brand : BURN Model : ST Brand : BURN Model : RT (Rotary Type) • Suitable for heavy mold and component which not available to carry by hand • Max weight support is 500 – 1,000 kg • Turn table can operate by manual and automatic that depend on the customer • Controlled by Microcomputer which easy and comfortable for using • Suitable for cleaning, preparing and smothering sharp edge work pieces such as small or medium casting, automobile part and die casting. • While blasting can able to load and unload in the same time • The abrasives are continuously recycled. • Providing the time and cost saving. AIB ENGINEERING CO., LTD. AIB ENGINEERING CO., LTD. DECORATIVE COATINGS & PLATING ON PLASTICS SFC 19110003 THAILAND SFC 19110002 SFC 19110004 ECOTRI® ONE Brand : ATOTECH • Plating on plastics process: Adhemax®, NeoLink® E • Copper and alloy processes: Cupracid®, CuFlex® • Nickel and alloy processes: Semilux® 100, Satilume® Plus • Chrome processes: TriChrome®, TriSeal® • Versatile passivate for zinc and zinc nickel surfaces • Reduced chromium and cobalt content • 96 h/168 h protection against WR in barrel/rack on zinc • 240 h/300 h protection against WR in barrel/rack on zinc nickel ATOTECH (THAILAND) CO., LTD. COVER ENGINE NO.1 BANGKOK ATOTECH (THAILAND) CO., LTD. SFC 19110005 EXTENSION BRACKET FR BUMPER SFC 19110006 • High chemical plating quality and standard • Thickness more than 20 microns • High rust resistance and the plating surface has good adhesion • Beautiful shiny chrome color • Maximum 5 layers and special Microporous layer (with number of porosity >10,000 pore/cm2) • Chromium layer thickness >0.1µm., Total nickel layer thickness > 25µm • High corrosion resistance BANPONG CHROMIUM CO., LTD. BANPONG CHROMIUM CO., LTD. OPTICAL SURFACE PROFILER SFC 19110007 STYLUS PROFILER SFC 19110008 Brand : Bruker Model : Contour LS-K Brand : Bruker Model : DektakXT • Large Area Stitching • Surface Finish Measurement • Mechanical Testing • Machine Part Inspection • Microelectronics • Medical • Materials science • Semiconductor CREST NANOSOLUTION (THAILAND) CO., LTD. CREST NANOSOLUTION (THAILAND) CO., LTD. 5 Newsletter#1