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BITEC - 19 22 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 2019 JUNE REGENERATIVE THERMAL OXIDIZER (RTO) SFC 19110065 ELECTROSTATIC GUNS • Environment saving • Removal hydrocarbon in waste gas • Energy saving • Custom made • Superior atomization for a high quality finish • Internal power supply allows for quick installation and easy service • The fluid remains grounded in the gun, no isolation system is needed for operation • Display monitors voltage and current CHUGAI RO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. TKK CORPORATION CO., LTD. Brand : GRACO • Offers the highest degree of ratio assurance • Provides critical process variable feedback • Built in system safeguards • Effective color change solution TKK CORPORATION CO., LTD. THAILAND SFC 19110066 Brand : GRACO Model : Pro Xs Brand : Chugai Ro Model : 2 Chamber / 5 Chamber / Rotary / Twin Rotary RTO PROPORTIONERS-2K BANGKOK SFC 19110067 Easy ways to get more detailed information of technology 0 2686 7390 0 2686 7349 0 2686 7279 Travel the New Technology World with Your Finger Tip! P.I.S. (Product Information Service). This is the “Right Place” for your inquiries and explorations to more than 50,000 items of manufacturing technologies. This is the “Information Center” for machinery and technologies to be showcased in the coming Reed Tradex exhibitions, for your planning and preparations to visit the events. This is the “News Channel” for you to continuously update with machinery and technologies of all exhibitors in our expos, even after the shows end. Convenient, user-friendly and free-of-charge service for inquiries.