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SFC 19110057 ALUMI-BLAST MACHINE ATOMIC LAYER DEPOSITION Brand : SINTO Model : Ti-SNBX-II Brand : ULVAC Model : ALD • Zero% in our definition means shot leaks of less than 1000g/year • “Zero” shot leak • Efficient mechanism • Easy to install and relocate • LED (Chroma adjustment, Ag sulfide preventing film) • Electronic devices (insulation film, barrier metal) • Gas barrier film and vapor barrier film • Film formation on complex-shaped substrates THAI SINTOKOGIO CO., LTD. ULVAC (THAILAND) LTD. SFC 19110059 VACUUM EVEPORATION SYSTEM (VACUUM COATING MACHINE) IMMERSION HEATERS AND INLINE HEATERS Brand : ULVAC Model : EBA Series SFC 19110058 SFC 19110060 Brand : PROCESS TECHNOLOGY • High quality Teflon heaters and metal heaters • Ultra-pure DI water heaters • Chemical/solvent heaters • Your safety solution • Adopt vertical double door open mechanism, tight compact • Each door is equipped with a set of 6-axis/8-axis self-revolution mechanism, a set of evaporation power, a set of superposition power. One door is performing film metallization, the other door can unload test part, install Al material. ULVAC (THAILAND) LTD. VONESTHAI CONTROL CO., LTD. SFC 19110061 PUMPS AND FILTRATION ECOLUBE 475 Brand : HENDOR SFC 19110062 Brand : Ecoproject • Very high standard and reliable pumps and filtration system • Using very high grade pp material: simona alphaplus PP • Saving energy pumps • Tin and oil filtration technology • Non-reactive polymer lubricant specific for the operation of cold deformation • No solidification during down time • Lower operating temperature (50 – 65 o C), power saving • Extend tool life compare to standard soap method VONESTHAI CONTROL CO., LTD. YA THAI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. REXEAL 100 - A NEW GENERATION OF RECYCLABLE SEALANT SFC 19110063 BATCH TYPE GAS CARBURIZING FURNACES Brand : Ultraseal Brand : Chugai Ro Model : Hi-Shifter® • Best performing recycling sealant available in the market with zero waste • 80% less consumption which helps increased cost effectiveness and environmental benefits • World’s highest thermal resistance (increased up to 220°C/428°F) • Enhanced process stability, lower gel times, and washing characteristics • High quality heat treatment output • Energy saving • Low running cost • Custom made YA THAI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. P R CHUGAI RO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. O D U C T 12 H I G H L I G H T S SFC 19110064