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BITEC - 19 22 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 2019 JUNE NITRIDING FOR AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS SFC 19110049 DUROFER (LIQUID CARBURIZING) SFC 19110050 • Liquid ensures a very good uniformity of case depth on all the surfaces (even inner surfaces) • High Carburizing potential means shorter cycle time compared to Gas and plasma • Initial investment costs are limited compared to Gas or plasma solutions • Technical Expertise allows to customize the process to suit your needs • REACH-compliant process means safer than other solutions on the market • Repeatable, uniform and homogeneous process as a result of R&D efforts • Competitive for mass-production due to large scale facility TECHNIQUES SURFACES (THAILAND) LTD. HEF DURFERRIT (THAILAND) LTD. SFC 19110051 CONTROX (PAINT STRIPPING) SFC 19110052 Brand : Kluthe Brand : Durferrit GmbH • Low VOC/VOC free • Dichloromethane free • Powerful paint stripping effects • Safe with variety of materials • Technologies based on Liquid salts for best results in terms of uniformity and cycle time • Investment costs are limited compared to other solutions HEF DURFERRIT (THAILAND) LTD. NIKUTEX (PAINT THINNER/PURGE CLEANER) THAILAND Brand : Durferrit GmbH Brand : HEF Model : ARCOR® / TUFFTRIDE® / QPQ® SALTS FOR VARIOUS HEAT TREATMENTS BANGKOK THAI KELLY CORP., LTD. SFC 19110054 SFC 19110053 MOS SOFTWARE (MACHINE OPERATION SYSTEM SOFTWARE) Brand : Kluthe Brand : ThaiRobotics • Low VOC/VOC free • High flashpoints • Low concentration requirements • Low maintenance requirements • Random loading system for multi process running in one machine • Fully automation control such as rectifier control, temperature control • Queue loader plating • Suit for every plating process THAI KELLY CORP., LTD. THAI ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION CO., LTD. PLATING MACHINE SFC 19110055 ALUMI-BLAST MACHINE Brand : ThaiRobotics SFC 19110056 Brand : SINTO Model : Ti-SHB-II-AL • We are consulting engineers specializing in the direct plating machines. • High quality • Easy to maintenance • We have service team for support machine 24 hours. • Automatic for work: Control by MOS Software • Touch panel with memory function • Fire explosion prevention • No damage at product surface THAI ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION CO., LTD. THAI SINTOKOGIO CO., LTD. 11 Newsletter#1