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SFC 19110041 METAL RESCUE BATH EGIAS Brand : ARMOR Model : Rust Remover SFC 19110042 Brand : OSG • EgiAs Coating designed especially for hole making. • High Toughness • High wear resistance ensures long tool life • Nano-layered coating to prevent cracks • Favorable thermal conductivity • Water – based synthetic molecule • Specifically attracted to iron-oxide • Water-based formula to eliminate dangerous acids and harsh chemical in work place under environmental friendly product • Clean – safe – easy rust removal WEALTHY SHINE CO., LTD. OSG THAI CO., LTD. SFC 19110043 WXL POP: MEKONGKA PROCESS SFC 19110044 Brand : OSG Brand : UYEMURA • Thermal crack resistance • High temperature oxidation resistance • Wear resistance • Plate on Plastic • High stability plastic plating solution OSG THAI CO., LTD. PATA CHEMICALS AND MACHINERY CO., LTD. SFC 19110045 TYNADES GHS-51 CUPRIC OXIDE DCL Brand : UYEMURA Brand : DCL • Tin Electrodeposition for Reducing whisker which generated by mechanical stress. • GHD-51 can be used for Rack-less and Reel-to-reel equipment. • Tin Plating • Reduce whisker • High tin deposition speed • Excellent solubility in copper sulfate plating bath • Low impurities • Stable solubility throughout a bath age • Suitable for via filling process PATA CHEMICALS AND MACHINERY CO., LTD. SIAM NKS CO., LTD. SFC 19110047 ELECTROLESS NICKEL PLATING PROCESS DLC COATINGS (FOR AUTOMOTIVE) SFC 19110046 SFC 19110048 Brand : Nickel Boomer Brand : HEF Model : CERTESS® Carbon • A wide variety of Electroless Nickel Plating solution from low phosphorus type to high phosphorus type • Functional solution such as Black EN solution and PTFE composite EN solution • Various related chemical such as post treatment agents, pretreatment agents and stripping agent • Technical service including a various proposal • Very good adhesion, high hardness, uniform thickness are strong advantages for Automotive industry • Full control on the technology allows for strong optimization and competitive process • Low temperature (< 200 Degrees) during coating deposition means no impact on dimensions or hardness • Friction coefficient and roughness increase of CERTESS® Carbon coatings are very low SIAM NKS CO., LTD. P R O D U TECHNIQUES SURFACES (THAILAND) LTD. C T 10 H I G H L I G H T S