Newsletter - Reinforce Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining, at enNEWSDSOCIALDIALOGUEseptember - Page 4

Newsletter Di@logo Soci@l Document Editing All documents produced during the project were translated into the official languages of the partners (Portuguese, French, Czech and Turkish) to promote the project's dissemination at a national level within the partnership and in English to ensure its accessibility by the community and other European countries. Within the scope of the expected results, the following documents were prepared and edited: • PROJECT POSTER - SOCIAL DIALOGUE PT EN CZ TR BE • ASSESSMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND THEIR CONFORMITY WITH THE PRACTICES AT SECTORAL AND COMPANY LEVEL PT • WORKSHOP GUIDE PT EN EN CZ CZ TR TR FR FR • CONCLUSIONS ON THE EVOLUTION, CONTENT, STRONG POINTS AND WEAK POINTSSEUS OF THE SOCIAL DIALOGUE - SWOT ANALYSIS PT EN CZ TR FR September 2017 Page 4