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MAIN OUTPUTS The main output of this action will be a socio-demographic and socio-professional characterization of the employment relations’ dimensions which are present in the collective bargaining’s of the different countries. This characterization will focus in dimensions such as: • Remuneration • Contractual relationship duration • Organization of working time • Training • Health and safety • Reconciliation between family and professional life • Characterization of the evolution of the social dialogue and its contents at the sectoral and company level. An on-line platform dedicated to the transnational partnership and open to the community, containing: • Shared good practices • Relevant information on the theme of Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining • Relevant information in monitor employment and social developments A script for a workshop to be applied in the trade unions. This script will have the objective of: • • • Preparing the negotiators for the ongoing changes and new challenges in the collective bargaining Preventing that unemployment transforms the sectoral and company level bargaining Becoming an instrument which guaranties the visibility of companies associated with more productivity and better working conditions for workers. A brochure with conclusions on the evolution of social dialogue, its contents, strengths and weaknesses. Five brochures on the themes of work organization / the most important occupational risks and diseases and it’s follow up / reconciliation of work and family life. A brochure in the theme of Women’s participation in the everyday trade unions. The Platform The platform was designed in the official language of the project, English, and designed to interact with mobile networks. The Portuguese version was also created with the aim of facilitating interaction at a national level, with a direct link to the FESETE portal, by clicking on the corresponding country's flag. The partner organizations have added to their websites information about the Project and the theme of social dialogue with a direct link to the platform, thus meeting the objectives established in the Project. The Platform has an app - software developed for mobile devices with updates and news of the project. Access the application by simply scanning the QR code with an Android device. A page was created on the social network: Facebook, dedicated to the Social Dialogue theme, with a direct link from the Platform. The app: Scan the QR code with your Android device to access the app And stay current with news and events September 2017 Page 2