The Chef Paul Bocuse Week From November 14th to November 26th 2016, the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance celebrated the Chef Paul Bocuse Week. Following the guideline of the first edition held on 2014 for the 10 th year anniversary of the network, international partners paid tribute to Chef Paul Bocuse, his life and his work, during a two-week event held in each member universities campuses. Among the highlights of the celebration, a series of conferences, culinary demonstrations, wine tastings and workshops, special courses, gala dinners, and two international contests took place over the world at the same time. INSTITUTE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION (Singapore) More NATIONAL KAOHSIUNG UNIVERSITY OF HOSPITALITY & TOURISM (Taiwan) More BERJAYA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF HOSPITALITY (Malaysia) More ESDAI (Mexico) More WOOSONG UNIVERSITY (South Korea) More HURST CAMPUS (South Africa) More UNIVERSIDAD SAN FRANCISCO DE QUITO (Ecuador) More SAINT JOSEPH UNIVERSITY (Lebanon) More You can follow us on ESCUELA DE GASTRONOMIA MARIANO MORENO (Colombia) UNIVERSIDAD SAN IGNACIO DE LOYOLA (Peru) More More HAAGA HELIA (Finland) More INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE (France) More