Newsletter June News & Events Colombian gastronomic trends th On June 15 2016, the Universidad San Francisco de Quito and the Colombian Embassy in Ecuador organized a culinary class given by the Colombian Chef Leonor Espinosa who explained the Colombian gastronomic trends. More… News & Events IPB Concept Restaurant Presentation – Year 3 Final Project In Singapore, the Year 3 students of the class of 2014 batch presented their final year concept restaurant project to Chef Otto Weibel, Chef Douglas and Sophie Reynaud who formed part of the jury assessing their project. More… News & Events Delegation from Institut Paul Bocuse visits Woosong University th th From June 26 to June 28 2016, delegates of Institut Paul Bocuse visited Woosong University - one of the newest members of the Worldwide Alliance - in the great Republic of Korea. Campuses tours, culinary demonstration and meetings were at the program. More… News & Events Special cooking class with famous Chef Ota Tadamichi In June 2016, Chef Ota Tadamichi gave a special cooking class to HYOEI second-year students. Chef Tadamichi is recognized by the Japanese food industry and is very famous in Japan. He participated to a TV cooking show named Iron Chef few years ago. More… News & Events “Patisseries of the world seminar” in Institut Paul Bocuse th rd From May 30 to June 3 2016, students from the Institut Paul Bocuse’s Baking and Pastry Expertise specialization took part in a world patisserie seminar featuring meetings, lectures and various pastry workshops with Chef Prudhomme (USFQ) and Chef Tan (ITE). More… News & Events Mexican researcher from ESDAI visited Institut Paul Bocuse Dr. Nahieli Greaves Fernández, researcher at ESDAI-Universidad Panamericana, travelled to Institut Paul Bocuse in order to participate to the project “Eating In & Out”, an international observatory of culinary and eating practices. More… News & Events Students of Johnson & Wales University visit USIL for a Peruvian Culinary Experience For the fifth consecutive year, students of Johnson & Wales University from the Bachelor in Culinary Arts, Pastry and Nutrition, choose Lima, Peru and USIL to learn about Peruvian gastronomy and culture. A four-week intensive program! More… Focus Culture 2016 Confucian-style commencement ceremony of NKUHT rd The 2016 Commencement Ceremony of NKUHT was held on June 23 , 2016. It adopted the ancient Confucian-Style to show the traditional values of respect for teachers and disciplines. The new President, Dr. Lin, addressed congratulations to More… students and presented graduation certificates to the graduates