Newsletter April World Book Day: Colombia, cocina, tradicion i cultura & Alliance Cookbook Currently, most of bookstores in Colombia sell cookbooks. Colombia, cocina, tradicion i cultura is not only a recipe book! It aims to transmit theoretical information about traditional cuisine and its links with Colombian history. Until now, any theoretical text speaking about this topic has been written. Chef Luis Martinez, teacher at Instituto Mariano Moreno, decided to publish this book to make up for a lack of information on this reality. Within the 226 pages, Colombia, cocina, tradicion i cultura emphasizes and comments some particularities and important facts that happened in the country during specific time and which had impacts on today’s cuisine. Chef Luis Martinez aims to promote cultural heritage as a richness that must be preserved. Written in Spanish, articles go discover history of the country, its regions and typical products. This book is a work of art, with a unique style, corresponding to the market expectations. The Worldwide Alliance and its 15 partners have gathered the “very best” of their gastronomy in a reference book named The Cookbook of the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance. 2 Kg 2 ½ year of work 10 countries 80 recipes 242 pages 40 € This multilingual book makes discover the culinary and cultural richness of 10 countries, its habits and customs, a range of local products as well as 80 associated recipes. Each page is written in the mother tongue of the country and translated in English. The cookbook represents tradition and culture from a culinary perspective, the heritage of each country to be transmitted to the next generation. A truly call to travel for gourmands and food passionate ! Success Story: Taro Iwakoshi Passionate about food, Taro Iwakoshi chose to learn and study cuisine when he was a child. He started working in Japanese restaurants while attending evening classes. Then, he went to China and worked in different hotel-restaurants to discover Chinese cuisine and get some experience. Graduate of HYOEI (Japan), he aimed to improve himself and be hired in a French restaurant. After three years in London, he flew to Lyon and enrolled in the Worldwide Alliance student session in 2011. During four months, he discovered French gastronomy, acquired specific skills and met new people. What did the Summer Program of the Worldwide Alliance bring and give you? T. The Alliance Program brought me the basic knowledge and techniques of French cuisine, but it was also an opportunity to work in France. This experience was useful for my future and confirmed my motivation to start working in the country. Today, basics acquired during my formation at Institut Paul Bocuse helps me creating new recipes. In few words, how would you summarize this culinary experience? T. This culinary experience was all I needed to become a French cooker. After having participated to the Alliance program, Taro decided to stay in France and looked for a job position. Thanks to Institut Paul Bocuse connections, he was hired by Julien Gautier – owner and chef of two restaurants located in Lyon. During 3 years, Taro put in practice his skills and vision of food in M Restaurant, before to take the opportunity to become chef in Le Bouchon Sully. Every week, Taro elaborates the menu. He creates dishes according to products, seasonality and feeling. But his favorite recipe will remain the Pigeon en Croûte sauce Porto tasted at Institut Paul Bocuse for the first time.