Newsletter April INACAP students helped to beat “Longest Pork Sausage” Guinness Record Chillán is a small city located on a 5-hour-drive south from the capital city of Chile, Santiago. It is well-known to be the birthplace of main artists of the country such as the worldwide famous pianist Claudio Arrau and the Chilean Founding father Bernardo O’Higgins. But nowadays, Chillán is more recognized through its pork sausages called Longanizas, a delicious kind of sausage made in an artisanal way with pork meat. That is why a group of local producers and 54 students from the Gastronomy program of Chillán campus INACAP set up the ambitious goal of beating the World´s Guinness Record of the longest pork sausage. The INACAP community always wills to participate in social activities and makes their students learn by doing. This collaborative work took place on the morning of last April 8th 2016. The community gathered on the main square to witness this huge achievement. It was not an easy task since the former record was 505 meters length set by Spain. The production of the sausage started around midday and finished 4 hours later when the new record was set: 552 meters. +47 meters thanks to the collective effort of local producers who trained INACAP students to help in the labor of making this dream comes true and putting the name of this local product on the top of the world. Congratulations! Trip by train to El Boliche for 40 USFQ students On April 9th, the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Tourism of USFQ organized a trip by train to El Boliche. The professor Rafael Villota took 40 students from the class Introduction to Hospitality into this trip. Students had an adventure that began at Chimbacalle Station, where they found items such as industrial age scales, printers, early 20th century steam locomotives, and several objects that made Ecuador's rail operations possible to work. They also learned about the train development and its whole history in the train station. The trip began when the train left from Chimbacalle through Quito's Southside streets - where country and city life mix up - to green valleys holding impressive landscapes and views of Pichincha, Atacazo, Pasochoa and Corazón mountains. Descending down Cutuglagua's forests, the train went to Tambillo and Aloasi. Passengers had the opportunity to try different traditional food in every stop. Students also saw a typical folklore dancer’s show. EARTHQUAKE IN ECUADOR On April 16th, a 7.8 Magnitude earthquake impacted the coast of Ecuador, killing at least 300 people and injuring more than 2500. The country is under emergency state and 6 Ecuadorian provinces are currently the most affected. The whole country is helping with food, medication, water and money. The School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Tourism of USFQ also helped with the recollection of food and beverages for all the victims. Ecuador is forever thankful with all the support we have gotten. We ask everyone to keep praying and keep Ecuador in their thoughts.