News Loykratong letter [English]

1 Moo 7, Banchang-Makham Koo Road Banchang, Rayong 21130 Tel. +66 (0) 3803 0701 Fax. +66 (0) 3889 3720 Loy Kratong Day: Friday November 15, 2013 Thursday November 7, 2013 Dear Parents, Please be informed that St Andrews celebrations for Loy Kratong has been altered as we are unable to celebrate during the mourning period for His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara. Arrangements for Friday November 15 have been rearranged, however as ever all parents are warmly invited to join the day’s activity of kratong making. Students, staff and parents are still encouraged to wear traditional Thai style clothing on the day. Schedule for Primary For your information primary students will have normal lessons from periods 1-3. At the period 1 assembly, Year4 will sing and play Loy Kratong songs on the Ukulele. It would be wonderful if parents could come and enjoy this time with the students. Primary will be making kratongs in their classrooms with Thai and class teachers during periods 4-5 (11000 – 1220). Parents are very welcome to come and assist if they wish to do so. It would be great to see you there. Students in nursery, Kindergarten and reception will have Loy Kratong activities on this day and a letter will be sent from the Early Year team leader. Schedule for Secondary Secondary students will be having their normal lessons from Periods 1 – 7 and then divide into Island communities and make kratongs during period 8 (1420 – 1500) at the hard court. Parents are most welcome to sit with their children and give suggestions and help make a kratong which has some hope of floating! Materials The school will provide the banana bases, leaves and simple flowers, however, we would ask if you want something special on your children’s kratong then you will need to bring it with you, or send it with your child that morning. In addition, we are asking if any parents can help by donating flowers to help decorate the kratongs. This support would be most welcome. Thank you for your continuing support, we look forward to seeing you at our Loy Kratong celebration. Yours sincerely Sirirat Sant Thai Coordinator