News from the WRHS Library Media Center April 2014

                                This Month in the Library:       APRIL  is  National  Poetry  Month     and  National  School  Library     Month         April  21st  Patriots’  Day       nd  Earth  Day     April  22     April  24th  Poem  in  Your  Pocket       Day         April  21st-­25th  April  Recess         News from the WRHS Library Media Center April 2014  Volume 1, Issue 2  Check out some of our NEW Books!   We  recently  received  our  Spring  shipment  of  new  titles  in  the  LMC:   fiction,  non-­‐fiction,  graphic  novels,  videos  (for  teachers!),  and  more.  Stop   by  and  check  them  out!         Q uick Tip!         Did  you  know  you  can  upload     Word,  PowerPoint,  or  even   audiofiles  to  Google  Drive?   Click  the  arrow  next  to  the   “Create”  button  to  upload  a    file     or  folder.             One  caveat:  Once  uploaded,  a   file  can  no  longer  be  edited.   Uploading  files  to  Google  Drive   works  well  if  you  are  looking   for  a  place  to  store  a   completed  paper  or   presentation  so  you  can  access   it  from  any  computer.             Poem in Your Pocket Day: April 24th One way to celebrate National Poetry Month is to take part in the annual Poem in Your Pocket Day. On April 24th, choose a poem, carry it in your pocket, and share it with others. PiYPD provides a great opportunity to talk about a poem that has particular meaning to your life! **As PiYPD falls over April vacation, WRHS will celebrate PiYPD Friday, April 18th. History: The first Poem in Your Pocket Day was celebrated in 2002 in New York City, in partnership between the Office of the Mayor and the New York City Departments of Cultural Affairs and Education. In 2008, The Academy of American Poets took the idea and turned it into a national day of celebration. Learn more about PiYPD at