News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 64

her own Quechan tribal court for more than eleven years. She was also featured as a central figure in the PBS documentary Tribal Justice. The Fresno Bee newspaper reported in late January that salmon have been reproducing once again in the San Joaquin River. Scientists believe that they may actually be able to thrive. Kenny Ramos (Barona Band of Mission Indians) played a principal role in the Autry Museum of the American West’s Native Voices production of Bingo Hall. A coming of age tale set in a Pueblo community, Bingo Hall focuses on the life of teenager Edward Anaya. Congratulations Kenny! This past winter, our friends at the California Historical Society hosted a number of programs with California Indian scholars at the forefront. Graton Rancheria Chairman Gregg Sarris and UNLV professor William Bauer (Round Valley Indian Tribes) presented as part of “California History through an Indigenous Lens: Telling Creation Stories.” In early February, Humboldt State University professor Cutcha Risling Baldy (Hupa/Yurok/Karuk) spoke on the panel “Exploring Identity in Spanish California: Toypurina, Pio Pico, Eulalia Perez.” California Tribal College has formed a new partnership with the Yuba Community College District board of trust- ees to offer classes at Woodland Community College. Congratulations! The Times Standard reported in February that North Coast tribes and local legislators are standing against offshore drilling in their region. The newspaper stated that Yurok commercial and traditional fish ɵMͅ܁ЁɅ䁅)ѡѽͅɥѡЁݽձɥ)хѼѡ͡七q5䁙䰁ɥ䰁)䁱܁݅ѕȁܰѡ͔Ʌ́ݡ)ѼɅЁmtȁ́ͼȁ)ȁ٥ٔtͅqQ$Ѽɽѕ)ȁɅɕͽɍ́ЁЁȁ́Ё)ɥٕ́ݡɔtQeɽQɥхѕа)ͅЁ͕́ѡq=Ё䁙ѡ)ѡѡ́͡ͅ䁽ѡ)ɥձѥ́Ѽ͕ѡЁѡѕ́Ё)ѡ́ݥ䁅مѡ́ѕɥɕt)ͅeɽ ɵQ́?eIɭMȸqQ́ɽͅ)ɕɕ͕́Ёѡɽɕѥt(+Z8]LI=48P%Y 0%