News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 6

CALENDAR OF EVENTS SPECIAL EVENTS April 7 Agave Harvest, Malki Museum, 11795 Malki Rd., Morongo Reserva- tion, Banning. The Agave Harvest and Roast is an annual event sponsored by the Malki Museum, held on two consecutive Saturdays in April, when the agave plants were traditionally gathered. The agave (amul) was a basic food staple for the Cahuilla and Kumeyaay Indians of Southern California. $10 dona- tion appreciated. For more info, call (951) 849 7289 or visit www. children’s crafts. For more info, call (310) 317-1364. April 21 Sherman Indian High School Powwow, 9010 Magnolia Ave., Riverside. Intertribal dances, grand entries, and contest. For more info, call (951) 276-6325. April 28 Yomen Spring Celebration, Maidu Museum and Historic Site, 1970 Johnson Ranch Rd., Roseville. Opening blessing followed by California Indian dancers, skill demonstrations, tours through the historic site, old ways craft demonstrations, children’s activities, HSU Big Time & Social Gathering, Humboldt State University, 1 Harpst storytelling, and a Native craft fair. St., Arcata. Cultural sharing, dem- For more information, visit www. onstrations, vendors, and traditional games. For more info, visit www. April 29 Cooking the Native Way Book Signing, SDSU Native American Student Association Powwow, San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Dr., San Diego. Native American music, dancing, prayers, food, jewelry, and clothes from various tribes. For more info, contact April 14 Agave Roast, Malki Museum, 11795 Malki Rd., Morongo Reservation, Banning. $10 donation appreciated. For more info, call (951) 849 7289 or visit Soboba Trail Race, Soboba Band of Luiseño Indian Reservation, San Jacinto. Course is a mix of single track and fire road with challenging hills and some technical downhill sections. For more info, visit soboba-trail-race. April 14–15 Chumash Day Powwow, Malibu Bluffs Park, Malibu. Traditional dancing, singing, drums, vendors, food, Chumash storytelling, and 4 ▼ N E WS F ROM N AT IVE C AL IFO RNIA Autry Museum of the American West, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles. Members of the Chia Cafe Collective and authors of Cooking the Native Way will be presenting and signing their book. RVSP with Terria Smith at terria@ May 5 Go Native! A Native American Cultural Celebration, Foothills Picnic Area, Sequoia National Park. Opening cultural blessing and drumming, history of Yokuts tribe. Open to the public; bring chairs and blankets. For more info, visit May 5–6 Cupa Days, Cupa Cultural Center, Pala Reservation. Dancing, bird singing, peon tournament, Native arts and crafts, cultural exhibits, and plenty of Indian tacos. For more info, visit May 11–13 Stanford Powwow, Eucalyptus Grove, Galvaz St. and Campus Dr., Stan- ford University. Open to the public; overnight camping spaces available. Donations for par rB6p&RvV6Rf"&Rff6@wwrwvr7Ff&BVGR&6'Bח7FW&W2GRW6WVЦB7F&26FRs6&6&B&6WfRFRvưF&VvFR7F&26FRF'6W'fPWG&vǗ2'FW&ƖvBf"&Rff6Bwwr&6WfR6W2FW6WV#^( 3#`3wFVT5"wvr&fW'6FP7'G26Wr&P7B&fW'6FRG&FFFfPW&6F6W'2G'Vw&W2&&B6vW'2BFW"'F7G2v&P&W6VBBfVF'2v6VfBFFRFfRW&6WvV''G2B7&gG2BFW"W&6ЦF6Rf"&Rff6Bwwr7V7"VGRWfVG2rvrF#n( 3#p6~( 6RF6~( 6RFw&Fr&67FFR7F&2&CRw&f^( 5f6&BPw&fRV6VV'&FvV6Цr7&rfVGW&rFfRW&Ц6vW27V6RF6r7&gG2B&R7FVB'FR66&6W&&Bb֗wVF2g&VRBVFFRV&Ɩ2f &Rff6Bwwr66666G&&6r6RF#pSGFVWvWBƶW6WVsRƶ&B&rF6W'0B6vW'2&W&W6VFr6WfW&6WFW&6Ɩf&G&&W3FfPW&6fVF'2g&7&72FP6WFvW7Bf"&Rff6@wwrƶW6WV&rWvWBधVR &BVFb6F6&VV'FF6F6&VvFW&rw&VG2F33f"&Rf6F7BG&WpBGF#Tv6धVR#.( 3#@6Ɩf&F&6WGvVfW'0vFW&r&W''7&VV&6W&7FFWvFRvFW&rbvVfW'2W6WV2V&Ɩ2BvV6W2WF&F7G2BgVFW'2f &Rff6Bwwr6&&rधVǒ#( 3# &VF&&N( 26G&Vb6'0wvr'&6VvRssP6W2&B'&FfPW&66vrF6rG'VЦ֖r&r6W&VW2'G0B7&gG2fB&F2FW"Ч&fB766F2F27F'FVW'2fƖBrG&FF7&gBFVЦ7G&F2C"7VvvW7FVBFFf"&rF֗76fVRf &Rff6Bwwr7&7&r66FRWfVB6G&VbЦ6'2֖FW'G&&wvrU$E0"#( 4V'b#&6&'FsFw2Rr'W@6BWWG'W6WV`FRW&6vW7BCsvW7FW&आW&FvRv2vVW2&v旦VB'FR&F66GW W6WVb'BBFRVfW'6Gb&Vv&6&'FsFw0Rr'WB6BW2FP'F7N( 2f'7B"&WG&7V7FfPB6G&'WFFFRw&vp&Gb66'66FVЧ&'FfR'F7G2&'FrvBW7F&Ɨ6VB2'B6&VW"FP2fvr6W'f6RfWFЦBW&Bb&V6fW'g&ХE4BB6Ɨ62v&667G2b&vR66RFw2G&vw2&G2B67VGW&W0FBgFVfVGW&RVFr6Ц&F2bBVf&2B&RgFV&FFVWǐW'6B7VGW&ǒ&VWfB