News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 55

By Monique Sonoquie Grandmother Momoy Grandmother Momoy Grandmother of all plant beings Dew on your body Roots holding Mother Earth Grandmother Momoy I dream of you Taste you Smell your strong Medicine When I walk down the mountain to the ocean through the desert under the Grandmother Moon Grandmother Momoy Grandfather spoke of you Grandmothers sang your song of healing Praying for all By the light of the Moon By the warmth of the Sun You reach out to us A hand soft and gentle as none Call my name Grandmother Momoy On the side of the road Within the cracks of the cliff Painted across my back I feel your strength Dream of your Mark On our bodies, In our minds In our spirits The creeks that carried those whale bones home from their mountain rest left us water-songs. SPR IN G 2 018 ▼ 53