News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 54

failed to recognize [the] interconnected web of ecosystem and the Pit River people, cutting a lifeline of the salmon.” Some tribes are now fighting for fish passage and rein- troduction as a way to bring their salmon back. Projects like the Klamath dam removal and Shasta fish passage proposals could prevent salmon species from going extinct. Maximiz- ing diversions could mean the fish don’t have enough water to swim upstream to reach new habitat. The plan is especially threatening when coupled with other proposals that promise to divert, store, and transfer more water. Governor Jerry Brown’s California Water Fix (the twin tunnels plan) proposes to build two pipelines, twenty to forty feet each, to divert water from the northern Delta. The Sites Reservoir would cover fourteen thousand acres in an off- channel facility and build a new diversion capable of two thousand cubic feet per second and two new pumps on the Sacramento River. It also includes new water rights for up to three million acre-feet a year from the Sacramento’s most important salmon creeks. “This is our Dakota Access Pipeline,” said Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, “We need to wake people up before we are standing in front of bulldozers, and we will do that too if we have too.” The Winnemem Wintu Tribe’s lands were inundated by To sign the petition against the Trump water plan, go to the Shasta Dam and they are fighting a Send comments opposing public money to: proposal to raise it. For more information, see, Save California’s Salmon on Facebook, @calisalmon on Twitter, or @CaliforniaRivers on Instagram. Proponents say Sites and the tunnels are unconnected, however Southern California water interests have indicated they do not want one without the other. Regardless, they could store and move much more fresh water from rivers and the Delta, threatening the drinking water s \Hو[KB]HZ[[ۈ[YܛX[[ۙ]Xܘ[Y[[[KB]]\[[ۋ'[ܙX\Y]\[ۜو]\HHXܘ[Y[[H[HY\[H[\XH[]H]\X]\H^BܙX]H\\[X[ۈH[[[^HڙX Ք KH[]H]\\H\H]\܈HՔ\H\[قH]\[ۈ[[HXܘ[Y[]\8'H^Z[YB[KHܛY\[]H[H\\\܋8'Xܙ[YY\]\YZ[\\H[XYH]H[Y\ܙX]\L[]Z[X[]H[HܛX[YX\\ܙX]\[[]XXB[X[܈[]H]\'B]\[H[[\H\Y[BNN Y]ۙ[Z[H^H\H[\ۛY[[BY[KH]\]]ܚ]H][\YYH[YܛXB]\[Z\[ۈ H܈][ۈ H[ۙ^KX\YX[[ڙX][\ۛY[[[XX˜[Y]ˈHX[H[[YHY]]H][™܈]\\]HH]]ܚ]x&\X]Z[\\\˜[ۛHݚYH]\\Y]ܜˈ[]]H܈\\Y\”\\\\X܈Z[Z[H\]X]YHX]˜XXZ[8'HZX\\[ۜ]]\\X]H[KBۛY[ ]]\[ۜ[]\]]^][ۈ\HBXX[Y] H[\H][X]K\Yۋ[\]HH[\K'B\H[]\YHH[Hݙ\[]Y\[OH]\]]ܚ]H[]\[ܙH]\[H[\[[\]HY[H][ܙX\Y[\[[\HYYY[[[YY]\Y[ݙHܘ][ [[]HZ[[[][[B[[ۈZYܘ]HXK\]]\[ۜ[\YX\\[ ]\ݙ\܈[YܛXx&\]\ˈH[X][\\B]H[[ݙY [\\YH\X[]Y]H\B[K[YܛXH[[ܙX\H܈[[ۈ[[˜[[\[X[HX]\Y\ۈHXܘ[Y[]\\HZ[[ܚ]^Y܈\ܘ][ۋ\H\\[[\ݙH[[ۈ[][ۜ[]\]X[]K^H[[]\[[ۈX\˂HHUUHSQP