News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 52

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA TRIBES against Trump Water Plan By Regina Chichizola right before the new year the Trump administration reignited California’s water wars when it announced plans to maximize water deliveries from the Central Valley Water Project. Northern California tribal members immediately announced that they would fight the new threat. California’s rivers are already in crisis due to bad water management dur- ing the recent drought. Although Trump often blasts the idea of letting water reach the ocean for fish, the current water grab was actually initiated by legislation pushed by Senator Dianne Feinstein. Last year the Klamath River suffered the worst salmon returns in history, leading to an allocation of one fish per eight Yurok tribal members. The Sacramento River only had 230,700 fall run Chinook salmon projected, down from 650,000 only years before. Wild spring Chinook salmon numbers dropped to hundreds on the Klamath and Sacra- mento Rivers and only two Delta smelt were counted. A report claimed that if nothing changes, 45 percent of California’s fish species will be extinct within fifty years. The situation was so bad that commercial fishing was shut down in much of Oregon and California, leading to states of emergency being declared in both. The reality of not having fish was a new one for lower Klamath River tribes. “Drought years place our fish populations in jeopardy, but what kills our fish is man-made. The government’s policy to send our water to farmers and not to fish has caused undue hardships on our fishermen, families, and way of life,” 50 ▼ N E WS F ROM N AT IVE C AL IFO RNIA explained Susan Masten, former vice chairman of the Yurok Tribe. “Last year we couldn’t feed our families and didn e)ٔ͠ȁȁɕ̻t)Q͵ͅɕɹ́ɕѕɥ)ѡɽ՝аɥɵ̰ݡ͔ɍЁ )ɹé݅ѕȁ䰁ɕ)ɕ̸ɥѡͅѥٕȀɍЁٕ)ͅѡ-ѠIٕȰѼɍЁ)ݥѕȁոͅѡMɅѼÍѡ(ȁ-ѠձЁ͠ݕɔɽݱ䁅ٕѕѡɕ)啅́ɽ܁䁑ͥ́Ѽɕ͔݅ѕȁѼѡQɥ)IٕȰѡ-ѣéɝЁɥх䰁ݡٕ́ѕѼѡ)MɅѼIٕȸ]ѱ́]ѕȁɥЁѥѕ)݅ѕȁɕ͕̰ɍѡeɽ!YQɥ́Ѽ)Ёȁѡи)́ͅɕɹ́յѕͅЁɥ)Ս́ѡeɽͅ܁եɅѕ́ѡɕ͕مѥͭ)ɽЁѼѡѕѥ́ѡѥٕɅ5䁍)ѡեɅєݥѠѡ͔́ͽ)ѕݥѠ͡+qQͅéЁɕѱ䁍ɕѕ́ݥѠѡ-Ѡ)Qɥ䁍չé՝t!Yɥ)!ѱȁͅqAݡɕ䁽ͅѡ)Ёչ嵕ЁɅѕ́ѡхєЁٕɅѕ̰)ЁɅѕ́ѕ́Ё͕͔ЁɅѕ́դ)ѡЁ́Qɔ݅ѕȁɽ9ѡɸ) ɹɥٕ́ݥ䁕ᅍɉєѡ͔ɽ̻