News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 5

Journalism from The Ohio State Uni- versity, and B.A. in Spanish from Wright State University. He currently resides in Dublin, California, and works as a legal writer and human resources consultant. Review: The Modoc War, p. 28 Jeanne Ferris is an award-winning journalist and writer for community newspapers and magazines, a life- long advocate for fresh water preser- vation, and an armchair historian of indigenous peoples. Currently, she serves as a screener, film moderator, and manager of industry panels for the San Diego International Film Festival, and as the J Awards commit- tee chair and a board director of the San Diego Press Club. Should you have a compelling story which needs a faithful scribe, please visit www. was born and raised in Los Angeles County. He graduated from UCSD with degrees in communication and third world studies and did post-graduate research in community educational linkages. He has over twenty years of experience in higher education, community linkages, and tourism. Restoration along the Banks of the Grandmother Momoy, p. 53 Colorado, p. 42 Kaitlin Reed (Yurok/Hupa) is a Ph.D. candidate in Native American studies at UC Davis. Her research focuses on tribal land a nd water rights, traditional ecological knowledge, and environ- mental conflict. Operation Yurok and the Environmental Bear River in Danger, p. 45 A Scientific Peek at the Klamath River, p. 33 Tabitha Smith (Eagle Clan of the North Fork Mono/Concow Maidu and Wailaki from Round Valley Reservation) was born and raised in Sacramento and currently lives in San Diego with her husband, Jason, and dog, Koda. Blood Ties & Battle Cries, p. 34 Marc Chavez (American Indian/ Nahua/Michoacán/New Mexican Spanish) is founder of InterTribal Youth and Native Like Water and Trump Water Plan, p. 50 Mickey Ellinger and Scott Braley are a photographer/writer team from Oakland who have worked together on articles for News from Native California, including a special section in 2008 about Native perspectives on Spanish settlement, which is where they learned of the Quechan project to reclaim riparian envi- ronment along the banks of the Colorado. Clyde Prout (Nisenan Maidu/Miwok) is among the seventh generation of Prouts documented in the Colfax area in Placer County and was recently elected chair of the Colfax–Todds Valley Consolidated Tribe of the Col- fax Rancheria. Jamie Holt (Yurok) works as a senior technician for the Klamath River Division of the Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program. Northern California Tribes Rally against Monique Sonoquie (Chumash/ Salinan/Apache/Yaqui/Zapotec/ Irish) works in several art mediums, including video, photography, paint- ing, drawing, poetry, weaving, and the healing arts. Her work includes art and poetry books, language, murals, and garden projects with schools and tribes. Her short videos have been shown at film festivals and conferences, and she is the author of the book and video The Beginning of the Chumash. Native Like Water, p. 36 Review: Blues Loving Man, p. 29 Impacts of Marijuana in Yurok Country, p. 30 the Hoopa Valley Tribe communica- tions coordinator in 2012 and 2013, and has been a policy analyst for the Institute for Fisheries Resources since 2015. Sabine Nicole Talaugon (S h amala Chumash) works with the Guadalupe Cultural Arts and Education Center, conducts indepen- dent research, evaluation, and policy analysis under Iwex Consulting, and serves on the board of Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland. Painted Rock, p. 46 Terria Smith (Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla) is the editor of News From Native California and runs Native California events and publishing at Heyday. Big Times/Little Times, p. 60 BE A GUEST CONTRIBUTOR AND SUBMIT AN ARTICLE ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY! Text and photos for the next issue (summer) must be submitted to News by Regina Chichizola is the co-director of Save California Salmon. A long- time advocate for tribal water rights, fishing communities, wild salmon, agriculture reform, prescribed fire, and environmental justice, she has been a key organizer in the campaign to remove the dams beleaguering the Klamath’s anadromous fish. She was May 1, 2018 EMAIL PHONE (510) 549-3564 SPR IN G 2 018 ▼ 3