News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 42

observation, word, and practice is the new standard. Tradi- tional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and ways of being can lend meaning to buzzwords like “diversity” in campus aca- demic and cultural contexts. Academic and community partnerships are developed to serve the NLW curriculum. Inspired youth and communities join in science and prayer, provide a culturally balanced curriculum, and direct youth along the path to life or college. “Teaching to the spirit and not the test” utilizes traditional indigenous practice and connects to every core subject, includ- ing STE(A)M, and has proven results. Over the last seven years, youth in specific Hawaiian educational environments excel in testing (national sponsored exams) in the upper grade levels when “at an early age youth are taught to the spirit, ancient knowledge, and not taught simply to the test,” says indigenous curriculum specialist Ilima Choy of the Big Island of Hawaii. The ocean, sky, land, and ancient stories connect us physi- cally and spiritually. The ocean knowledge of the Polynesians allowed them to easily navigate over thirty-two thousand square nautical miles as their front and back yards. By way of stars, wind, and humble sailing canoes, Pacific peoples’ mari- time domain and ancestral reach are the largest documented. Without getting caught on academic anthropological theories, one must look to great forms of nature that clearly illustrate life’s movement: ocean currents and yearly migra- tions of whales, birds, turtles, and such. Each can span seas and come back home to chill: sing like birds and swim like turtles, dolphins, and whales. These illustrations, in contrast to more recent settler coastal behavior, help put California coastal time and nature into perspective. In connection to the beach and ocean rec- reation, one must speak and think in tens of thousands of years, not in the speck of a colonial time period. This changes the playing field, literally. This opens up a whole new space for learning, being, and interacting with the world—not just a reservation or an urban block. Now we can talk ab ]\[][\[Y[Z[[Z[[][\H[\و[\[XY[ܛYK][\\X\وHZZ[H[][X[[\\ZHYXH[Y[H[]YX[]H]Y[HوHX[XX][[Z\]\[[\ۛY[XH]\šۛۈ\HXHوܝ^H]\[H[[\YX]] [\[ۜH[[YYYH[\[Y]HX[[X]X[\\]Y\܈[[ۋ[[[][[Z[Y\ˈ][[ݚYHH][KBX][ۈوHX\X[و\H]\[X]]ˈXܛ•\H\[ X[HX[][ۜ\H]\[Y][ۘ[]\\^\\Xܜˈ[[\X[[]]H[[]][ۜ[\HYH\^\\[\ܚ][Y[\[H[\][ۘ[K][B\[HYX\H[X\Xݙ\YZ\[Y[\˜[\[ٙܙH\[\]Y[[X[[˂ HHUUHSQPBH[\Z\[Y\[H\]Y[ۈH\[Z\p[š\[ٙ]\[YܛXKX[H[\Y]YBX[H[\[\X\\ˈۈ\H\[P8&\”ܚ\[]]HوX[ܘ\H[HKˈ]H]B\X\Y[ܙYX[HYX\وHX\][YHܞHY]HY[[ۙH[YY\ X[H[Y[[Y\œ[^\X\K[\H]\[ۈ\[ˈ[XYق]\][HܚY\\\H][YXKH\[XHقܝ[]H[ۛYH]]\H\YۈH[] H[Y[X[[\ۛY[[]\[܈H\][Y[YX\[]]H]\YۈH\وBH܈H]YZ[\X[[][[Y\YX][ۘ[[[Y\[ۋ[]H]\Hܛ\و[YܛXH][ HYYX[H\ۙ[]\HYX\]]ۙ\›\ۜ[YHH]\[[\ۛY[\YYX[KKB][ۘ[\HYYX[H[XXۙH\H\œ]ܚ]H[]X\ܞH[X][\\X\\˂]8&\H[YH܈H\YHܝ\[܈[YB[\[H[YH\K]\[H[ YBHXKYKX]]]H[\[HܙX][ۂܚY\و\[\ˈ\[\H[[]XYHB][ܞHوH]\KHYYX[HXY\ۙ\&\ۛܙY[\\H8'['H[Y\ \ۘB[Y^XX^JKZ[\8'H]HY[[[ݙYHB\[X[H\HZ[X[H\H\B\[Z[x)\[^[\H\X[X[][ۜ\ B\HۙKۛXY 'B\[P\H XX[[Y^XX^JK[YY[][[[K][Y]\[ܘ[\[[YY˜[[YY[\\X\[]ZZH[[[XK\YX\]\Z\P\H\H[[܈]]\ܙY[[]\]H[HXYXܝ\ \[\YX][ۂ[X\[HYY\˂\X][ܙH[XX\ˈ[[YY›[[Z[Z\]\[\\\H\XHۛXY[\وH\[[\ۛY[ \[[Y\œ[ZH\]H\[[وH[X\\ B[[YH[ۈ]H\]H[Y^XX^B\]\[[H\[[[Z[[Y\\ [[[[K N\X[[H[[\X[[]ܘ[\˜۝[YH[\[\][ۘ[X\[^\Y[\[\KB[H[HK[YYHܝ\[YܛXH\ HY\[و]ZZK[[XKY^X[[XZXK܈[ܙH[\]˓]]SZU]\ܙ