News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 3

contents FEATURES 8 9 10 14 18 30 33 34 4 6 27 CORRECTIONS: In the Fall 2017 issue of News we mistakenly identifi ed the photo on the back cover as an acorn dice game set. Of course, it was actually a walnut dice game set. In the Winter 2017/18 story “Humboldt State University’s Legacy of Supporting Students,” we may have misled readers to believe that Roxanne Burgess’s maiden name was Tree ce. This was actually her married name at the time she was referencing in the story. Acorn Deborah A. Miranda Water Song Tyler Peyron Making Magic: Basket Puppets from the Tongva Landscape Tima Lotah Link and Lynn Jeffries 35 36 42 Bring Back the Good Fires Julie Cordero-Lamb, Jared Dahl Aldern, and Teresa Romero Ron Goode: A Life Lived in Service to Community and Environment Beverly R. Ortiz Operation Yurok and the Environmental Impacts of Marijuana in Yurok Country Kaitlin Reed A Scientific Peek at the Klamath River California Needs Our Help: A Map of Tribal Environmental Hot Spots Native Like Water: The Ocean in Us Marc Chavez Restoration along the Banks of the Colorado: A Quechan Tribe Environmental Project Mickey Ellinger 45 46 50 53 Bear River in Danger Clyde Prout Painted Rock Sabine Nicole Talaugon Northern California Tribes Rally against Trump Water Plan Regina Chichizola Grandmother Momoy Monique Sonoquie Jamie Holt Blood Ties & Battle Cries Tabitha Smith IN (ALMOST) EVERY ISSUE Calendar of Events 29 In Our Languages: “Earth” across Native California Book Review: Resurrecting the Past: The California Mission Myth 54 Sierra Watt 60 Book Review: The Modoc War: A Story of Genocide at the Dawn of America’s Gilded Age Music Review (and Interview): Blues Loving Man Jeanne Ferris With Respect: James Luna Big Times/Little Times Terria Smith Ishmael Elias SPR IN G 2 018 ▼ 1