News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 26

to twenty-five years, the unintended, but predictable, con- sequence of the Forest Service planting some one hundred pines in the valley in a plantation-like monoculture. In fact, by the time the Crane Valley restoration work commenced, its meadow could no longer be called a meadow. As Ron explained, “This meadow is where our largest deer grass stand grows for basketry. We hadn’t gathered there since the early eighties.… We had to take everything off.… I was cleaning the pines off pretty good, but the drought finished it.… It took us about two or three years to get the spring back.” Ron currently serves on the tribal advisory committee for the Department of Water Resources California Water Plan, which according to the DWR website is “a strategic plan for managing and developing water resources statewide for current and future generations.” The 2005 Water Plan Update called for greater tribal participation in the plan. In fulfillment of this goal, Ron cofounded the first Tribal Water Summit, helping bring together some ninety tribes through- out California to begin the formation of “a roadmap with strategies for preserving Native water rights and providing for the sustainable management of California’s sacred waters.” Ron also served on the planning team for the 2013 summit, which established the tribal advisory committee for the water plan. Planning is currently underway for the 2018 summit, which will be held April 4 and 5, 2018, at the McClellan Con- ference Center in McClellan Park. In 2009, Ron and Jared Aldern embarked on the creation of a statewide Lessons of Our Land curriculum. As an extension of this work, with funding from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Ron and Jared coordinated a Head Start and K-12 classroom curriculum focused on American Indian per- spectives on land and contemporary land policy, with Jared overseeing the effort as director of Prescott College’s Indian Land Tenure Education and Restoration Project, a partner- ship with the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, a “national, community-based organization focused on American Indian land recovery and management.” As part of their curriculum efforts, Ron and Jared traveled the state meeting “with elders and other tribal community members in order to adapt the curriculum to every region of the state.” They also conducted “associated professional development for classroom teachers.” Ron and Jared described their teaching strategy in a 2014 article in the journal Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society: “We base our educational approach in Indigenous narrative and land-based experience. We seek not to explain land and water but to help guide students, policymakers, and other learners to come to understand land and water. We consider land, water, plants, and animals as narrators and as sources of knowledge—as primary historical sources, texts that narrate settler colonial and Indigenous history and the physical and cultural changes that colonialism has wrought. 24 ▼ N E WS F ROM N AT IVE C AL IFO RNIA As we argue, approaches that combine narratives with visits to the land are key methods in land based educa [ۋ'B\H\[و\[\ܘ][ۈ[]\[ܚۈ\Y[ܝ[]HY\HYXۈH[BX[Y\[\]Y[]]H[XX[[˜Y[H\X\\\Hوܚˈ\\Y[H™\]H\\8'X[Y[Y[8'H[8'X[۸'H[Y\B[HH]]Hۘ\و8'[Yܘ][ۋ'H[\^\KB[KX[Y[Y[وH[\Z[Z[][ۈو] [HX[ۈ\[[ۛH\Y[H۝^وBX[[\[]\Xۈ\\\8'[ž[\\\\[H]x'H[^Z[ۙH][[[[Y[H[HHۈ[\ܜ\HH\KBZ\و]܈\[وYX\ˈ[Yܘ][ۋۈH\[ ۛ\8'][][ۈHX\[[[Yܘ]YX[\8'HHX[\]XۛY\[X[\ۋBX[]H܈HX\[H]]H]Y\]\[HH\ܘ]]H\X][ۈوY][ۘ[XX[ۛYKۈZ]\HXZ\[[\\[\[[ۈ]Y[\ܚXY\H[[\[\[YZ[H]\\BX]وHܛY\8'H\H8&\ܚXY\x&H\[ Z[KB]Kۘ\X[H\ܚX[X[YY\K۝\[[\[\[ˈ[\[\[Y\\[KBYXXY\[\Hو\\\HXYX[Hو\B[[\[܈H]]H\[YXH]YHق\]Y[\[\\HXY\˸)8&[\[8&HX]\HB\[Hو\[\\[[[X[X[H[ B\[][ZوH]]H[Y\X[[Y[\[XB][ [ ܈X\H]\]Y]H[ ۈB[ [ٙH[ [\[\[H]]H[Y\X[š[\ۛXY[HۛHH[]Z\[[X[ \[K\ [[\]X[[]]\ˈ\YܙKۙX B[H[\[\[]\]^H\Y ^B\Y] [H^H\Y] 'Bۈ[XZ\[[\ܝ[\[[ۈ]Y[8']KB[\\\'HHHۋR[X[\X]H[8'[\[\\\'HHH]]H\X]N8'8&[\[\\x&H\H\Z[H[ۘ\\YY\\\]\B][^YH]]HX[[H܈][]\X[[X\[B\\[Z\Y][ۘ[^HوYKH[\[\\B[]\H]]H[Y\X[\H][Z H^HوYB܈\[وYX\و^\Y[HۈH[\\BۚX[^Hو[[%]H\\HYX[8&[\X\8&H\XH\]X][]\[\\\\H[[ B]K\[Z[\\H[][ۜ\]Y[\H\\\˜[H[X[[X][H\X]Hو]\H\[XBZX[YK)[\[\\\\H\[Y]^\[B\وH\ܚX[Y[]K[ܙ\܈[HH[\[\\\^H]HHH\و^x&\Y]^\\Y][ۘ[XX\ˈ]]H[Y\X[[\[\\\\B][HH[\[Y[]H[ ܈\]X[]K)'