News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 22

is Eagle Eye, Quint-na Apus. My mother gave me my Native name. We would go hunting, and she would see a rabbit out in the grass. She’d say, ‘Do you see the rabbit, Boy Boy?’ ‘I see it.’ ‘No, you don’t.’ ‘Yeah. It’s sitting very still.’ Then I shot it, and it wouldn’t move. ‘You missed it,’ she said. ‘I didn’t miss it. It just fell over.’ ‘Oh, Eagle Eye,’ she’d say. So one day she asked the elders if she could name me that. In a 2010 Native Voices video, Ron described some of the philosophy and early lessons with which he was raised: “The Indian children are raised a little different than others. They’re allowed to experience more for themselves—learn on their own, given guidance on what to do, and work on their own independence. If you don’t learn those things, then you don’t do so well.…When we were out walking, [my mother] was always challenging me to hear all the animals and insects, and to tell her what different things I smelled, such as the grass, tarweed, clover, wormwood, and any other odd smell. We would always touch things and feel their texture, as well as observe the differences in each plant, and [the freshness of the] animal tracks. So she taught me in Indian all of the names of the animals and plants.” While attending North Fork Elementary School, Ron developed an early interest in research and writing about his own and other tribal cultures. He also developed an interest in astronomy and science. When Ron was fourteen years old, he told his mother that he wanted to become his people’s tribal leader. When she learned of his goal, Ron’s mother told him she would stop speaking Indian to him to assist in help- ing him master the “white man’s systems.” To further assist, Vince Goodwin, a local lumberman and school board mem- ber, advised Ron to take every speech class that he could. Ron also focused on his writing skills. He struggled for years with his writing, repeating English at Cabrillo College three times before he passed. A college professor provided Ron with the guidance he needed to begin improving his writing skills. Ron’s innate determination to persevere in achieving his goals took him the rest of the way, and today he’s a published author. Ron studied physical education and science at Cabrillo College from 1968 to 1972 before transferring to Fresno State, where he studied the same subjects from 1973 to 1974. In 1991 he entered National University’s master’s program, and currently holds a life credential in ethnic studies from the State of California. In addition to Ron’s academic studies, he has a lifelong passion for athletics—football, baseball, and wrestling in high school; football, baseball, and bowling in college. Later he took up boxing and karate, for which he became an instruc- tor. Because of Ron’s interest in martial arts, in 1977 a mutual friend introduced him to Myra Kirk, a judo instructor who would become his wife in 1984. A year after Ron and Myra were first introduced, Ron began practicing judo with her. He achieved his black belt in 1984. Both Ron and Myra now 20 ▼ N E WS F ROM N AT IVE C AL IFO RNIA hold rokudan (sixth degree) red and white belts. Daughter Elena, born i NN Z]\H[Y[Y\]B۸&\ܘ[]Y\Y^KYH[[Y[[KYH]K[ NN ۈ[^\K[\[Z\[] \X\YKR[ H[Y\[]YB\XX]H[HX[H KZYX[8'Y\'JK\ۙBوH\\[\ۈX\[H]Kۈ[^\BX\]Z\YX]\]\[[[H[\B[HX][\]][\X[YX] ZHXܛ\ [KBۈ[\YYX[[]X[]Y\ˈ[Y][ۈ[[Z\[\ۋۈ[^\Hۛ܈[ۛ[\[Y][ۋ[HY\[\[\H][[\[HYKۙ\[\[\ܙX]H[][[YHۙ\[\[\[ؚX˂۸&\[Z[H\Hۙ\ܞHوZ[]\H\XK\™]\\Y[H]H[ܛ\RK\Y[x&\ B\[]H[[XX[\[HܙX[\۸&\\\X\[[ۋ\Y[B\^H[X\[\\X][Kۈ[\[\YY[H\^H[\YH NM NM̈]ܝܙ [B[[Xۋ\[ۙX]H\[[[[X[HX\YHܙ\]Y[X\[\\X[KBXYH\X[[[[۝[[Y\Z[]\H\XBܚ[][[\ۛ[\Y\˂[ NMY\ۈ]\YYHHH\^KHY[X[]Y\HY[HY\H[YYY\X H[[Yܚ]H]\X8&\\[X[YXKB[ۈܘ[Hܘ[[ܚY\H]]H[Y\X[XZ\ۂ[Hܘ[H[[H[وH NMYX\[B[[Y\و NM[ NM ۈܚY܈HKˈܙ\\Xx&\[]ۜ\][ۈܜܘ[KۈܚY[[X\[[[X[܈“[H NM͈ NM [ NM H[YXYH^YB[\\\Hۜ[[\[\YXHۋBX]ܘ\X[]؛[X[\X\X][ۛ˜[\K[^[[ۈو\ۙ[\X\[\\ˈB[ۜ[ۈ\Y[X[ڙX[\\\B]]H[Y\X[]H[ۚ]܋[ NN ۈY[ܚ[܈H\ۛ[YYY\X8&\[X[YX][ۈܘ[KH NN [[\œ]\[Y[[ H\Y\[]XXۜ[[[H\X8&\]][[ۈܘ[K[Hܚ[\Kۈ۝[YYۙX\X[H\YH[\[ܘ[\HYX\[H\ۛ\XK[H]˂\[\[YKۈ[]Y[\XY[ZX] B[ˈH NN H NNNKH]Y[Y\X[[X[YY\˜[Y]\ۛ]HYNH NN  KH[]Y[Y\X[[X[YY\]HZ\YX][ۂ[\۸&\]\[Y[]HYX\]\H\]XXۜ[[][ۋY\[KY]HYX\]H\ۛ•[YYY\X Y[H][ܙH[YH]B[Y\\XHۈZ[و\[K\[\K[H[