News From Native California Volume 31, Issue 3 - Page 10

By Deborah A. Miranda Acorn That sound inside you is sacred: heartbeat of a seed eager to emerge. That sound inside you is urgent: life’s sharp, percussive pulse. That sound inside you is the future, rattling a polished brown shell shaped like a goddess, or a breast. You are what Jesus meant when he said the meek shall inherit the Earth. You are what Hillel had in mind when he said, this is the whole Torah, the secret begging to be told, a treasure whispering find me. You are the Creator’s fingerprint left behind in soft red clay, hardening in sun, the sleek amulet snug in my palm, ripe mother of nations. From your flesh comes all words for holiness, celebration, awe. Palatsa, little rattle, you hold time in your belly– round and full and kicking its way into life. 8 ▼ N E WS F ROM N AT IVE C AL IFO RNIA