Newport Beach Magazine Volume 35 April/May 2015 - Page 14

ebb&flow buzz NEWPORT BEACH CITY COUNCIL DISCUSSED A PLAN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR TO INSTALL 30 WOOD-BURNING FIRE RINGS AT BIG CORONA AND THE EAST SIDE OF BALBOA PIER, AS WELL AS RESTORED THE ABILITY TO BURN WOOD IN SOME OF THE CITY’S BEACH FIRE RINGS; THE DEBATE CONTINUED IN FEBRUARY, HOWEVER, AND RESIDENTS ARE INVITED TO VOTE FOR THEIR PREFERRED PLANS ON CONNECTNEWPORTBEACH.COM. A FLUID STATE It may not be able to cure the common cold, but The Hydration Room can help alleviate the symptoms. Opened in January, the new clinic on Westminster Avenue near Old Newport Boulevard focuses on a combination of holistic and traditional wellness to battle a host of ailments. IV therapy and vitamin infusions are the core therapies offered at The Hydration Room, which was founded by two board-certified anesthesiologists, Drs. Elizabeth Bales and Brett Florie. IV hydration sends vitamins, fluids and electrolytes directly into the bloodstream, helping to fight off symptoms of migraines, jet lag, hangovers and colds. Before undergoing any therapy, patients meet with a licensed medical professional for a consultation; then, a custom plan is prepared based on each individual’s history and condition. Patients can settle into a comfortable chair in a lounge-like setting while surfing the Internet, watching Netflix and sipping complimentary water or tea. For those who want to skip the IV needle, vitamin shots range from metabolism boosters to B12, in addition to non-injectable treatments like oxygen facials, oral therapies for daily wellness and Latisse for eyelashes. (949-6500866; —Allison Hata 14 Move over, large vessels— Newport Beach native Ryan Lawler is taking reservations for his 23-foot Zodiac inflatable boat, a size that allows him to take guests deeper in coastal alcoves than previously possible. “The business is called Newport Coastal Adventure, and that’s what we are offering: an ‘adventure’ that combines a coastal tour with a whale-watching experience,” Ryan says. This type of tour—on a sixperson boat controlled by an outboard motor that hits speeds upward of 20 mph— is a first for the Orange County area, he explains. And Ryan didn’t spare any expense while refurbishing his boat; he even installed custom cushioned seats with backrests to provide comfort and stability. “From Newport Harbor to Laguna Beach, we have an incredibly beautiful and diverse stretch of coast,” he says. “… You get to see that in a 30-minute span, and then have another hour to go out 1 to 6 miles offshore and look for whales and dolphins. … More uncommon species we have seen in the past several months include killer whales and humpback whales.” (949-922-8784; —K.P. NBM THE HYDRATION ROOM PHOTO BY CODY STIERLY NEWPORT BEACH RESIDENT MARILYN AMSTER GOULD PUBLISHED HER FIRST NOVEL FOR ADULTS, “SON OF A SON,” IN LATE 2014. THE PLOT FOLLOWS THE LIFE OF A JEWISH IMMIGRANT FROM AGE 13 TO 90 IN THE 20TH CENTURY AS HE’S SENT TO AMERICA AND PAVES THE WAY FOR HIS PARENTS TO JOIN HIM. ON THE WATER NEWPORTBEACHMAGAZINE.COM NB35_BUZZ-e_v2-e.indd 14 4/6/15 3:46 PM