Trends New Zealand Volume 33 No 3 - Page 56

Previous pages: Supported by a ledge and pedestal, this tub has all the pluses but not the minuses of a fully freestanding bath – saving floor space and making the bath easy to clean. The ensuite is by Owen Barnes, designer at Bubbles Bathrooms. These pages: The master ensuite’s soothing natural palette comprises, porcelain, concrete, and patined bronze along with recycled oak. The vanity is wrapped in white Corian. search | save | share at A tired ensuite with a space-hogging spa was reinvented as a luxury retreat in this project by designer Owen Barnes of Bubble Bathrooms. “To make the ensuite feel more spacious, we replaced the spa with a wet area combining the shower and new semi-freestanding bath,” Barnes says. “A sloping floor and strip drain serve shower and bath, while a raked blade wall keeps the dry area dry.” To achieve the look of a freestanding bath without losing floor space or inadvertently cre- ating hard to reach places to clean, a supporting ledge and pedestal were built out from the wall. The ledge also provides a landing space for soap and shampoo. The niche was built directly into the wall cavity which had to be reinforced with a support beam as this was a structural wall. Patterned tiles behind the tub are a feature of the ensuite, as are the recycled oak vanity drawers together with the verdigrised bronze table-top sink. The wooden door and mirror surrounds are stained to match the drawers. The mirror has one central static panel while its outer p anels open to recessed cabinetry space. Low energy, low glow LED lighting under the vanity provides a discreet night light.