New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/9 - Page 98

was the morning arrival process,” says Shaw. “However, this communal ‘moment’ could have been lost in the new building as staff would be able to move directly from the internal carparks on levels two and three directly to their own floor – bypassing the fifth-floor reception.” To retain this vital aspect of team bonding – even more important with so many previously unrelated business groups coming together – the arrival and base building lift strategy was reconsidered. “We inserted a void and stairs to link staff socially across the four upper office levels. The 96 SEARCH | SAVE | SHARE AT ground floor is used for external training and levels two and three are for parking. The eventual solution added a second set of lift doors that open directly on to the fifth-floor reception. The lift is programmed so that all staff and visitors arrive here, and then move through the workplace via the stairs in the atrium to capture the sense of community,” Shaw says. “The expanded stair voids also bring a strong sense of visual connection between floors.” The overall design concept reinforces the Norwegian heritage of DNV – mainly through the Below left:The light colour scheme gives this office floor an appropriately Scandinavian feel. Birch tree graphics vary floor-tofloor, acting as way finders. Lower left:This conference room near the circulation stairs looks out to a collaboration space. Right:The DNV GL corporate colours of green and blue feature throughout the interior. Lower right:Front-of-house breakout areas are airy and open.