New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/9 - Page 59

Left:Office staff have an openplan workplace that is naturally ventilated. Other amenities include a staff café with a test and demonstration kitchen. Below:Skylights in the warehouse and large canopy minimise the need for artificial lighting, and help to keep energy costs down. The warehouse is also naturally ventilated. designed to target a Green Star NZ rating. “All the materials are low maintenance and sustainable,” says Williams. “There is virtually nothing that needs painting on the exterior, and there are numerous exposed materials on the inside that reduced the number of finishes required. The design is also all about efficiency – from the cross ventilation and natural lighting to the reduced water use through eco-friendly fixtures and fittings.” Ceres director David King says the building has reinforced the company’s brand and core values. “It has also harnessed a strong sense of pride in the company among the staff. They associate with the building and they feel part of the company and understand where we are heading. This signals a completely new phase for Ceres growth.” Project:Ceres Organics office and warehouse, Auckland Architect:Williams Architects Developer:Norak Properties Construction com 瓥vGG2b