New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/9 - Page 48

visitors. The top level has the plant required to run the clinical services,” says Wedde. Surgery suites are on the second floor, neonatal units on the first floor and the medical assessment unit, public circulation and spiritual centre are on the ground floor. Lower ground contains back-ofhouse functions previously spread across the site. Importantly, the corridors and passages of the Clinical Services Building link to re-adjusted floors set out similarly in the adjacent buildings. This allows for the separation of clinical, visitor and nonclinical support right across the wider hospital. 46 SEARCH | SAVE | SHARE AT The setting ensures the new structure also connects with part of the Rainbow Corridor, a pedestrian link to most other buildings that is almost as old as the hospital itself. The corridor was also refurbished in the area where it runs close alongside the new structure. Constructing a large clinical services building in the middle of a hospital in full operation had its issues. To maintain medical services and mitigate costs, the ground-floor east wing housing the kitchen was built as phase one. With this service up and running, the main building was then addressed. Below:All non-clinical services are now grouped on the lower ground level of the Harley Gray Building. The yellow window elements are aesthetic detailing. Right and lower right:Plantings with LED lighting sit between the Rainbow Corridor and the new building. Bottom right:Durable wall surfaces cope with the constant movement of food trolleys on the lower ground level.