New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/9 - Page 46

Project Harley Gray Building, Middlemore Hospital Location: Auckland Architect: Klein CENTRE OF ATTENTION Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing facilities, the new Harley Gray Building provides state-of-the-art clinical services at the heart of Middlemore Hospital In today’s hospital environments, emphasis is increasingly placed on the dignity and privacy of patients – no-one wants to be wheeled through a public area on the way to a major operation, for example. Perhaps the most logical way to ensure these benefits is to build the zoning process directly into the architecture. Designed by specialised environments architects Klein, the new Harley Gray Building, previously known as the Clinical Services Building (CSB), provides 34,000m2 of new space for Middlemore Hospital in Auckland. This includes an operating suite, an assessment unit, a post-anaesthetic care 44 SEARCH | SAVE | SHARE AT unit and non-clinical support, such as the hospital kitchen and spiritual centre. There is also provision for two further clinical departments in the future. The new five-storey building reconciles levels, and optimises patient and visitor flow right across the campus. Corridors connect it to wards, such as the Edmund Hillary Building, an earlier Klein project, and other clinical buildings, such as Galbraith, says senior associate Nicholas Wedde. “This supports the hospital’s goal of transferring patients or equipment on levels one and two, and meals or supplies on the lower ground level, leaving the ground floor free for movement of family and These pages:The Harley Gray Building (previously called the Clinical Services Building) at Middlemore Hospital stands at the heart of the medical campus. Three fins break up the large rectangular form. These carry exterior service ducting that is easy to access without disrupting clinical services. The lower section, containing the hospital kitchen, was built as stage one, with the five-level main building following as stage two.