New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/6 - Page 92

PROPERTY COUNCIL NZ RIDER LEVETT BUCKNALL AWARDS 2014 TRENDS PUBLISHING INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY AWARD EXCELLENCE AWARD CERES ORGANICS, AUCKLAND – BEST IN CATEGORY PROPERTY COUNCIL NEW ZEALAND RIDER LEVETT BUCKNALL Property Industry Awards 2013 This 5 Green Star-rated building is a statement of Ceres Organics’ values to the outside world. The design has maximised the site potential, creating a contemporary and active building form. A solid suspended zinc wall screens the office from noise, while directly addressing the road. It claims the frontage and intrigues passers-by. The entry and stairs behind the wall link two floors, ventilating both levels and connecting work and meeting spaces. Further back are layers of activities and spaces that are connected yet private. Unpainted strong materials shape the three main forms. Roof overhangs to the north, outdoor decks and courtyards create flexible and responsive facilities. Operable natural ventilating windows, with high levels of natural light, control the comfort of the work environment. Judges’ Comments This building uniquely addresses the road while screening the office, creating home-like spaces where staff can meet and interact. The use of raw materials is impressive, as is the way the design maximises the site’s potential. The developers have succeeded in creating a unique and healthy work environment. MERITS FLEX, Auckland • Panasonic Building, Auckland 90 search | save | share at OWNER AND DEVELOPER Norak Properties ARCHITECT Williams Architects STRUCTURAL ENGINEER HLK Jacob SERVICES ENGINEER PCS MECHANICAL ENGINEER 22 Degrees CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Watts & Hughes Construction Company