New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/6 - Page 68

Douglas Newkirk of M Moser Shanghai says the concept of collaboration also influenced the way the office was organised. “We were inspired by the physics behind air movement – something that relates directly to Envision’s business. We wanted to create a connective flow, just like different airstreams can smoothly come together into a single flow, and then disperse again. The idea was to design a space that offered freedom of movement, and would accommodate the way people move around and collaborate, both as individuals and as teams.” 66 SEARCH | SAVE | SHARE AT The 75 staff members within the office, which is part of a much larger workplace, are seated at curved, custom-made workstations with integrated CPUs and monitors. Design associate Manuel Garcia says the glow of blue LED lighting and touches of light maple veneer are the only touches of colour on the pristine white furniture. “Integrating the equipment into the desks enhances the evocative, aerodynamic form of the workstations,” he says. “A long meeting table on the centre of the office, directly in front of the giant wall screens, also has an aerodynamic form.” Below left:Workstations, custom designed and manufactured by M Moser Associates, are white, with integrated screens. Their sleek, aerodynamic design references the form of a wind turbine. The layout of the office itself also creates a free-flowing space that encourages movement and collaboration. Right:A large conference table defines the key axis of the office. Workstations have sightlines in all directions.