New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/6 - Page 67

Below:Symmetry defines the design of the new control centre for Envision, a global company specialising in wind turbine technology. The office, designed by M Moser Associates, brings together engineers, sales people and administration staff from several different locations. The entire wall at the end of the office can be transformed into a trio of giant projection screens. A problem shared is a problem halved – it’s a saying that resonates with the staff who get to enjoy the workplace featured on these pages. Interior design specialist M Moser Associates designed the Envision Control Centre to enable a high level of collaboration and problem solving, says director Cynthia Chan. “Envision, a world leader in the smart wind turbine business, required a new control centre for engineers, sales people and administration personnel,” she says. “Because the company is global, the centre was to be staffed 24/7, with the company requesting a specific control room within the office, for engineers dealing with problems in the field. “However, the idea of engineers being locked away in the dark by themselves didn’t seem to be the best way to meet their needs. They required better access to their support teams, and we felt they needed a light, bright workplace they would be happy to come to and proud to show off.” Chan says the design team expanded the notion so the entire room became the control centre. Information on computer screens can be projected on a large display wall at the end of the office, which everyone can access, and everyone can see. “When an engineer has a problem, they can throw it open to the entire office, so everyone can help resolve it.” SEARCH | SAVE | SHARE AT 65