New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/6 - Page 57

projects have achieved Green Star ratings, many of which have demonstrated world leadership in indoor environmental quality. The World Green Building Council produced a compelling report on the business case for green building that synthesises all the credible global evidence into one collective resource. The key findings show there is a big gap between actual and perceived cost of green buildings – costs that are in fact trending downwards. The cost premium for most certified green buildings is 0% to 4%, but they’re perceived by industry to be up to 29% more expensive to build. Building green often costs less than conventional buildings, particularly when cost and environmental factors are considered. Sustainable buildings also cost less to run over the long term. This generally makes up for any cost premiums during design and construction, within a reasonable payback period. Green buildings have a marked effect on staff productivity. Improved lighting, ventilation and views of the outdoors have been proven to boost employee productivity by 11% to 23%, benefiting business performance and profitability. Green buildings also deliver better returns. Research shows higher sales prices, higher occupancy, and greater demand from prospective tenants. The World Green Building Council is currently undertaking a global project to establish a common way of measuring productivity and financial benefits. The information can then be used to better inform investment decisions and drive change. Details of the WGBC study can be found on the NZGBC website: save | share Search 44085 at