New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/6 - Page 35

Below:With its long, low profile and landscaped entry, the new head office for food manufacturer Tasti looks right at home in a residential neighbourhood. The textural urethane art wall at the entry tells a story about the history of the company. Success in manufacturing invariably leads to expansion. But it’s not just space issues that can be addressed with new premises – buildings can also be designed to reflect changing work practices and company values. Tasti, a confectionary manufacturing business founded in the 1930s, commissioned a new head office to replace the two small Lockwood houses it had been using for many decades. Architect Colin Leuschke of Leuschke Group says the company had outgrown its office premises, but there was ample land available on the site to create a new building that would link to the manufacturing facilities. “While this has been an industrial zone for many years, the site is a little unusual in that it has residential neighbours across the road and behind,” says Leuschke. “Consequently, the building needed to blend in as much as possible. It needed to have a low profile and not announce its presence as a large industrial concern. We wanted to break down the building visually, and give it a human scale so it would not be too imposing.” To this end, the design team created a long, low building with large white V-angle structural supports. “These elements provide a degree of separation between the people on the inside and those on the outside. We also terraced and landscaped the entry SEARCH | SAVE | SHARE AT 33