New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/6 - Page 149

materials include American walnut wood floors, and raked limestone and ceramic tile walls. Star Alliance selected locally sourced products and furniture wherever possible. For example, the glazed tile walls were created by local artisans. Several elements are included to meet the needs of the modern business traveller. Zones range from a lounge bar for socialising, to a library space, a den, a study and a media room. These various amenities are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and USB power ports to recharge mobile devices as a supplement to traditional power outlets. Star Alliance worked closely with Gensler and the Green Building Council of America to ensure sustainability, and sourcing materials and furniture locally was part of this. These measures, together with an emphasis on natural light penetration and a number of energy-saving initiatives, have meant the progressive 1672m2 lounge has attracted LEED Commercial Interiors Gold certification. SEARCH | SAVE | SHARE AT 147