New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/6 - Page 143

Preceding pages and below:The Tom Bradley International Terminal is a new gateway for Los Angeles. Increased capacity, branding, an Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMAS) and myriad dining and retail options will help fund the terminal. Following pages:The columnfree interior reaches 31m at The Great Hall, its highest point. The progressive building is slated for Silver LEED certification, and sustainability is built into the architecture. Clerestory windows under the roof forms flood the interiors with diffused natural light – another evocation of the area’s sunny disposition. Also factored into the design was the region’s propensity for earthquakes. Every connection on the moment frame was tested off site to beyond The roof and ceilings are faced in aluminium, for an harmonious look inside and out. These metal ceilings also help bounce light through the interior. The new terminal has double the capacity of the old one, handling 4000 people an hour through Federal Inspection Services. State-of-the-art gates allow three jet bridges to fill or empty doubledecker airbuses speedily and efficiently. breaking point. The steel structure allowed for a column-free interior, rising to 31m at the central Great Hall. Giant media columns and billboards animate the volume, as do eateries and lounges overlooking the central concourse and Great Hall.