New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/10A - Page 93

Below left:The O’Connell Street shared space in the Auckland CBD is another urban landscape project by Boffa Miskell that has transformed a narrow streetscape. Below:Other figures to emerge from a post-completion evaluation of the Fort Street Area Upgrade show that pedestrian numbers during peak hours have increased by 54%. More than 90% of users were complimentary about the concept of the shared space, where vehicles and pedestrians share the laneways. surveys and post-completion evaluations. These seek to provide perception accounts as well as factual data on the transformational effects of the public realm upgrades that resulted from a highly engaged and multi-levelled approach to the formation and delivery of the designs. The following data comes from the post-completion evaluation and feedback on the first stage of the Fort Street Area Upgrade. • 75% of property owners saw value in being located near or adjacent to a shared space • 47% increase in consumer spending with a 429% increase in hospitality spending in this previously seedy part of the city centre • Servicing the area is easier – 75% of agents found it easier to make their deliveries in the shared space environment • Vehicle volumes decreased by more than 25%. • Average vehicle speeds have dropped between 2-8km per hour • Drivers were experiencing only minimal delays to journey times (6-11 seconds) by travelling through the shared space, but 100% of drivers thought their journey through the area took the same time as or less than before • 80% of those surveyed felt safer in the area now than they did previously, especially at night • 91% of users were highly complimentary about the Fort Street area in 2011 following the upgrade compared with 17% of users in 2009 • 96% of users would continue to visit the Fort Street area and half of these said they would visit more often • More people are now using Fort Street and Fort Lane. Pedestrian numbers during peak hours have increased by 54%. Over 19,700 people move through the shared space area daily save & share 45768 at search | save | share at 91