New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/10A - Page 88

Left:Staff workstations are positioned along benches. Other work areas include high counters, high tables with bar stools, and small meeting tables. Custance says employees have a variety of places where they can work, including high counters and collaborative areas. There is also a separate computer-modelling room. The design features workstations positioned along benches, rather than in separate cubicles, which saves considerable space – to the extent that the entire workforce is now consolidated on a single floor. “We actually have more people working here than before and we have room for expansion, so it is a much more cost-effective arrangement,” says Davies. “We have also noticed an improvement in 86 search | save | share at productivity and staff retention. And the employees appreciate the abundance of natural light, which was one of their original requests when we first sought their opinions on the new office design.” resources & more images 45380 at search office design at a video about this project 45381 at