New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/10A - Page 77

Left:The boardroom table features a blue, backpainted glass table. Lower left:The CEO’s office is the only partitioned work area in the 2808m2 fitout. Below and following pages: This central pod is one of two collaboration areas that staff encounter as they walk into the office from the lift lobby. The result is that all the staff are seated in areas that are filled with natural light. That’s consistent with one of the goals McCann Bangkok CEO Monica White had for the new premises. “They needed to provide a functional and highly creative environment, but it also had to be a place where people would feel comfortable and relaxed,” she says. “I wanted open space with natural light, because natural light energises people.” The space planning also needed to encourage collaboration between staff. It had to be easy for staff to come together as a team, generate ideas and be interactive. The solution includes two collaboration zones that are the first areas the staff encounter as they walk out of the level 25 lift lobby. One of these is semiformal with a meeting table and chairs, while the other has more informal seating. Both feature accents in red, one of McCann’s corporate colours. The old offices didn’t have a canteen, something that has been addressed in the Social Centre in the new interior. This large area not only has kitchen and eating facilities, but also encourages staff to feel at home, with TV and games, lounge-style furnishings and warm timber flooring. In keeping with McCann philosophy, White says the planning process was very collaborative and involved staff. “One of the requests was for a music room,” she says. “So we have a soundproofed room next to search | save | share at 75