New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/10A - Page 75

These pages:The entrance and reception area at the new McCann Worldgroup Bangkok offices are designed to draw the visitor into the premises to start the creative journey. To achieve this, architect and interior designer DWP has used strong lines and combinations of materials to reinforce the pathway through reception, past a display of industry awards and on to the main meeting room. When a commercial lease expires, it’s often an opportune time to reassess whether the existing premises really work for a business. And if not, to start afresh somewhere else. That was the path McCann Worldgroup took occupying seven floors in a stand-alone building in a less than ideal part of Bangkok for six years. But while the move to one-and-a-half floors in Sathorn Square meant a much more attractive building in a good location, it presented a different set of challenges for the interior designer team at DWP. Regional business development director Sarinrath Kamolratanapiboon, who provided creative direction, says the floor plate was narrow, and had a very large central services core. The columns around the perimeter had also been designed for a traditional commercial interior, whereby managers had an office with a view, and the interior space around the core was allocated to staff. “On level 25, we wanted an open plan with as much daylight as possible for staff,” says Kamolratanapiboon. “So we placed offices for the directors along the core, and managers have desks, but not enclosed offices, around the perimeter.” This allowed managers to face and view their teams, who were accommodated at workstation configurations of six within the space available on each side of the core. search | save | share at 73