New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/10A - Page 73

These pages:Support columns were all moved away from the windows at the planning stage to optimise views and natural light on work desks. The wood veneer boardroom on the eighth floor is called the Best Room in the House, and is a showcase for Aurecon’s advanced technical prowess. This uppermost level is the first port of call for visitors, who then move down through the offices via the central stair. Story by Charles Moxham Photography by Shannon McGrath either remain on that level or are escorted down the staircase to their specific area of contact – passing the company’s branding and international themes along the way. “We decided to strip out the ceilings in some areas, too, as another way of expressing the company’s commercial engineering expertise,” says Solly. “The top floor has a high-tech boardroom, called The Best Room in the House. And it does indeed have the very latest technologies to hand, with interactive displays, connectivity and other business tools.” Having the naming tenant as the mechanical engineer proved invaluable to the project. Early in the piece, Aurecon and Geyer moved the columns away from the facade to maximise the views from workstations and the natural light. Aurecon also reconfigured plant requirements on the top floor, freeing up additional office space to the benefit of its own business and the developer. With the wider stairwell came increased fire risks. In response, Aurecon’s fire, mechanical and structural teams developed a solution that takes advantage of existing under-floor air conditioning system to extract and contain smoke. In pursuit of the high Green Star interiors rating, Geyer chose all finishings, furniture and fittings for their sustainable attributes. To provide natural ventilation, there are operable perimeter windows, and there is a localised air conditioning flow that far exceeds code requirements. Othe