New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/10A - Page 71

Facing page:The wide stair posed a potential fire risk. Aurecon created an innovative smoke suppression system using the building’s advanced in-floor air conditioning. Below Geographically themed floors reinforce the company’s global reach and are intended to appeal to workers, clients and visitors alike. In some areas ceilings are stripped out, to highlight Aurecon’s role as a thought-leader in mechanical workplace engineering. The resulting exposed base concrete is acoustically treated. and visitors,” Solly says. “The reworked interiors also had to bring a sense of togetherness to the 700 staff who had been accommodated over ten floors in their previous address.” Geyer’s fit-out brings to life Aurecon’s brand and business aims – to be leading, vibrant and global. Integral to the design is a wide new central stairway that provides a pedestrian link and vertical views between all five floors. This offers a visually inviting and healthy means of moving between floors. To further encourage movement between the levels, facilities are decentralised. For example, printing is on level six and training rooms on level five. There is also an open-air terrace on level five, which overlooks adjacent parklands. These destinations ensure staff move through the interior, reinforcing a commonality of purpose. “This project is very much about connections,” says Solly. “A series of pavilions with meeting rooms and quiet spaces is set off the stairway at each level. The stair is also close to the elevators. On level five, a terrace provides a venue for social gatherings with views of the nearby park.” Aurecon’s brand colours, blue and green, are highly visible on all floors, can be seen through the stairwell, from above and below. And every level has its own geographical theme displayed in wall graphics and decor, each one showcasing an area of operation for the world-wide company. Asia, Africa and Australasia are some examples, with wood slats on the Asia level and perforated screens on the Middle Eastern-themed floor evoking the area and culture. The uppermost eighth floor, however, has an encompassing international theme. While workers can travel by elevator directly to their own floor, visitors arrive at this top floor and search | save | share at 69