New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/10A - Page 65

Below:Lively office interiors that offer diverse workplace settings enhance productivity and help with employee retention. The ASB North Wharf offices were designed to achieve such goals. have been identified as the activities that create the most value for organisations. One size does not fit all Current strategies around flexible, mobile or collaborative working are sometimes a one-sizefits-all approach. JLL proposes a new approach that starts with considering which work processes create value for your organisation and clients, and then designing a workplace strategy that best supports them. An approach that is structured around what makes your company successful will deliver results that far exceed cost savings, provide measurable outcomes in the areas that really matter for your business, and boost the bottom line. Value is created when a business can support all types of work in the right way. Grant says many offices are not equipped to facilitate the required balance of focused and collaborative work. Providing a workplace that enables your staff to spend more time on the activities that create value for your business will often better enhance productivity than squeezing in more people or optimising utilisation rates. “Companies should assess the impact of workplace transformation projects based on value generation. This means developing a deep understanding of the clients and what they need or expect from your business, which ultimately determines the success of your organisation. By directly linking the workplace to your business performance and client experience, a wide range of new metrics becomes available, allowing your organisation to move away from the limiting, cost-centric conversation, and engage in the value side of the workplace productivity equation.” save & share 45408 at search | save | share at 63