New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/10A - Page 39

Left:Glazed walls allow a view of the pool activities from the fitness centre above. Lower left and below:Sliding doors open out to a deck on the upper level of the pool complex. The large glulaminated timber fins provide sun control, minimising glare and direct sunlight in the late afternoon. Below right:A crisp interior palette of timber and glass features throughout the centre. In the reception, classrooms and support centres, it is enlivened with colourful furniture accents. Story by Colleen Hawkes Photography by Jamie Cobel They also offer opportunities for students, staff and visitors to occupy the exterior deck space on this level in a number of different ways.” The latest technology was incorporated right throughout the centre, including hydraulic and mechanical services. The main pool features a moveable floor that can be raised to lower the depth of the water to cater to sports such as water polo, one of the college’s fastest growing sports. The floor level can even be raised to create a platform resting on top of the water. The pool was also designed and built in accordance with the requirements of FINA, the international governing body for water sports – it can be used for official time and record keeping. For the reception area, classrooms and student support rooms, design consistency was key. “Following discussions with the college we established an overarching and consistent framework for the interior design of the centre that could be tuned to suit the different social and physical activities within the building,” says McKeown. “This approach determined that the work and counselling spaces in the Beattie Centre would employ timber and glass, with a bright colour palette for the furniture. We needed to create an environment that would be both welcoming and comfortable, and also provide privacy. “The aesthetic adopted for the pool area uses similar materials, with timber, glass and bright coloured steel, chosen to reflect the more physical activities in and around the pool.” For St Cuthbert’s College, the Centennial Centre is fulfilling its proposed holistic role, encouraging every student to reach her potential, with “a strong mind in a healthy body”. resources & more images 45411 at another architectus project 37085 at search | save | share at 37